Martine Jansen


Born in Brussels, 1969


Sint Lucas, Brussel, Grafic arts


Lives en works in Kapelle-op-den-Bos, Belgium


In the magical year 2000, Martine started her collection of porcelain dolls . Untill 2012 she made dozens of dolls that were then picked up by collectors worldwide. The artists dolls found there way to the USA, Russia, Israƫl, Dubai, and all around Europe.


After a while, Martine started making fine artworks, especially sculptures, next to her dolls. Even though these changes adjoint to one another, Martine decided to concentrate entirely on fine arts. In her sculptures she works more towards an abstracted formal language, through which these works acquire a more sensible figuration and in the same time stand more as objects on themselves.


Her sculptural works are composed of different materials, including porcelain, wax, stone and bronze, or combinations of these. As a contrast with these works, she makes paintings and collages in which color and composition are of central importance.


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